How dedicated Chauffeur with Limousine can make difference

Do you need a limousine chauffeured for your next event or special occasion? A chauffeured limousine is the best choice, whether you are looking for limo service to a formal event or just want to travel in luxury to the airport.

There are many benefits to chauffeured limousine service. A professional chauffeur will take you to your destination and carry your bags. They will also open your doors, giving you the five-star service you deserve.

Some people choose to use Lyft or Uber instead of a limousine service. These people may have budgetary constraints, and Uber or Lyft might offer lower prices. A chauffeured limousine offers unparalleled benefits.

Limousines Chauffeur come with Hand Sanitizer

Safety is the top priority for limo services. Hand sanitizer is one way that we prioritize safety. While hand washing can reduce germ spread, sometimes you will need to have immediate access to hand sanitizer, which we always have.

Because of the pandemic many people are more concerned about their hygiene and health. You will be provided with hand sanitizer by our limo service so that you have the opportunity to remain safe and sound while we are caring for you.

10 passenger stretch limousine

Get to know the chauffeur

Multiple trips can be requested from the same chauffeur. A familiar relationship and comfort are gained by working with the same chauffeur.

Uber and Lyft can be unpredictable and you may encounter several drivers. Sometimes, you may encounter an aggressive driver behind the wheel.

You can request the same chauffeur for your next trip if you like it. This will ensure that you are familiar with who will be driving you.

During your time with us, our chauffeurs will treat each of you as if they were royalty. Even if you don’t have luggage, a chauffeur will help you open the doors.


Before allowing our chauffeurs to serve our clients, we train them. These sessions enable chauffeurs to provide better service and drive safely and responsibly.

Many drivers will exceed the speed limit in order to complete the job faster. They will drive you faster if they are done driving. Our chauffeurs don’t have to be stressed. To ensure that you have the best experience every time, we spread the responsibilities among our team.

Flat Rates | No Hidden Charges

Uber and Lyft do not offer upfront rates. Uber and Lyft may charge extra for drivers who take a longer route. This is because Uber and Lyft encourage their drivers to extend your trip.

These ride hailing apps can also cause price rises. Uber has been criticized for raising prices in times of emergency and natural disasters. All rates are upfront and you will pay the exact price. Our rates are not increased in an emergency or hidden charges.

Get the Celebrity Treatment

You will feel like a star with our chauffeured limousine service. We will assist you with your luggage and open the doors for, while also ensuring your safety.

You will be treated as a VIP throughout your ride. We are happy to help you find a limousine service in Bellevue WA, Bothell WA, Issaquah WA etc.


Our professional cab service offers you a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.

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